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Heal-All LTD is seeking

£25,000 in funding to address a pressing issue in the UK - the lack of real skills development in nurseries for our children. Instead of providing a nurturing environment for learning, children are often confined like prisoners. We believe it's time for a change.

At Heal-All LTD, we have developed a unique solution: empowering families to become childminders and transforming their gardens into mixed farms. By utilizing the available space, we can create real or simulated farm environments that will serve as a rich learning ground for children. But our vision goes beyond just education.

With the funds we receive, we will not only revolutionize the childcare industry but also open up new opportunities for employment in farming and gardening. By working closely with local farms, we aim to increase self-production of essential resources such as edible flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. This will not only provide sustainable food sources but also instill in children the vital survival skills necessary for their own well-being and the future of our planet.

Our mission is to raise a new generation of responsible and respectful individuals who understand the importance of our Earth's resources. By teaching children from a young age about the inherent value of nature and how it sustains us, we hope to create a profound impact on their lives and the world around them.

We believe that every person, regardless of their background, can contribute to this cause. Even a small donation of £0.10 can make a significant difference in supporting our vision for a better future. Together, we can create a nurturing environment where children can thrive, learn, and develop the skills necessary to become responsible stewards of our planet. Join us in this journey towards a brighter tomorrow.

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