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Both sides A3 huge Flyers

We are excited to give you for free this best luxury wall/family game gift to everyone when you meet us in Hounslow.

One side family/friends table game to encourage mission "Spending together time "

Illustration of human body and explanation of essential body systems. Around it there are illustrated fruits and vegetables with Thier name.

To play the healthy lifestyle human body game

The rules are simple.

Which participant has to hold different colour pen. And one by one to draw a matching line the picture with the name.

If you there no chance to cross you can draw a big bullet dot as a bridge and only you can cross from thier.

The winner is those who has limited bulled dots.

Or just as healthy poster in your grammar kitchen. (Maybe keep it for your kitchen)

Other side is gradually CERTIFICATE for Successful Support Award, where I or you can write your name after made contributions

with the QR code provided to the Heal-All vision for Nurturing Nature's Childcare Revolution

If we got enough budget we will make a special gift pin badge: Heal-All jubilee 2024 could be a gold coin. Picture is provided.

More information and to be keep updating you can find in our blog or straight away to call me.

As we are looking for any volunteers, info about how can get part of our mission to stop looking after our children as prisoners, special in their first 7 years of their life. Also To try kept our needed skills to survive on that planet where we are born.

To respect and feeding from her.

Idea is simple to provide local parks, schools with mini mixed farm as playground with a lots of explanations pictures with educational purposes provided by Mother and daughter art workshop.

Here we are good in this.

New part of Hounslow high Street ( between flip out, Cinema and Costa coffee in July

You are welcome absolutely for free just come and walk around.

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